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Chiropody & Foot Health 

At ‘the footworks’ all our therapists endeavour to deliver a caring and professional service. We have a wealth of experience and someone will always be happy to discuss any of our services. We offer a warm, safe and friendly environment, where confidentiality of our clients is paramount. 
All our chiropodists/podiatrists are HCPC registered and details of our other therapists’ qualifications, insurance and registration to 
governing bodies within their field are available on request. 
We can now offer home visits within a 10 mile radius! 
Warm wax therapy treatment 
£25 - 30 mins 
Paraffin wax heat therapy increases blood flow, tolerance for pain, relaxes muscles and increases hydration in the skin. Intended to moisture and soften the skin while providing a therapeutic and healing effect to sore and aching joints. Making it particular beneficial for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain.  


Chiropody ‘Soothe’ £27 
This full Chiropody treatment is perfect for general foot care, you will receive attention and guidance from our HCPC registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist, who will take into account any foot complaint, offering advice and a follow up treatment plan for the future foot health of our clients. 
Chiropody ‘Spa’ £30 
This treatment is perfect for tired and dehydrated feet. Each foot is gently exfoliated with a natural based exfoliant with ingredients of Bamboo and Jojoba to relax the skin before the warmth of a Herbal foot spa. This is followed by a full routine Chiropody treatment , nail cut and filed,hard skin removal. Both feet are then lightly sanded for a smooth finish before one of our Gehwol foot creams are applied to complete the treatment. 
Home Visits £35 
Home visits are offered upon request, Please contact us for more information regarding this service. 
All our Chiropody treatments take into account your current health, full history of any medication and contra-indication, pain and discomfort are discussed. We endeavour to give you that 'Walking on air feeling' 
A non medical treatment for the feet carried out by our beautician. See hands and nails. 
Wilde Pedique 
This unique method is specially formulated highly durable, safe, flexible resin designed to re create those tired looking nails to looking fabulous and fashionable. Lasts up to 6 weeks and ideal for holidays, weddings, party or that special occasion. 
Choose from: 
Wilde Pedique Permanent French Look £25 Wilde Pedique Plus is applied in two colours; the nail bed is softly rose coloured and the nail end is white. 
Wilde Pedique Colour £25 - Select a vibrant or classical shade from our colour chart. 

 Verrucae Treatments 

Laser Therapy £30 
Low Level Laser Therapy is used for the treatment of persistent verrucae. This works by the stimulating the bodies immune system to combat the Human Papilloma Virus. (HPV) responsible for the development of verrucae. 
Cryotherapy £25 
This method of treatment is offered as an alternative or as a combination with other treatment. 
Holistic Therapy £22 
Thuja is a natural herbal remedy successful in the elimination of Verrucae, Ideal for adults and children. 
Diabetic Foot Assessments £30 
Examination of patients feet include: Testing of foot sensations, Circulation / palpation of foot pulses, inspection of any foot deformity and footwear. 
Biomechanical range of movement and classification of foot risk. Includes - Doctors report. 


David Nicholls  
Hi, my name is David Nicholls and I am a Podiatrist specialising in Biomechanics and Nail Surgery. I have over 18 years working in the Private sector treating a range of clients from paediatrics to geriatrics. I have carrried out contracts fot the armed forces and involves with care elite athletes together with my work with Brain injury clients. 
Biomechanics is the study of the human gait and how it impacts on your musculoskeletal structure. As your foot is the first and last point of contact with the ground, so, has a direct impact on the rest of the body. Your foot during the walking or running gait has to perform 3 main tasks :-  
1.) Shock absorb on impact with the ground. 
2.) Propulsion, or push the body forward. 
3.) Swing to allow the none loading foot to clear the ground. 
Any of these tasks performed inadequately or overly can lead to foot, leg, knee, hip and back ache. 
Your foot is your foundation, it needs to be stable to support the rest of your body, therefore it is so important to check. 
1/2 Hour Gait Analysis - £40 
Assessment of posture and structure using a RS Scan pressure plate system and assessment of footwear. 
1 Hour Gait Analysis - £80 
Assessment of posture and structure using a RS Scan pressure plate, treadmill, system and digital video gait analysis and assessment of footwear. 
Bike Analysis - £80 
Video and analysis of your bike on turbo trainer. 
Review appointments - £35 
Bespoke insoles from - £150.00 
Second set - £85.00 
Refurbishments - £45.00 
'Off the shelf' insoles from - £35.00 
Nail Surgery 
Ingrowing toenails can be very painful as the nail grows into the side of the toe causing pressure and infection. The pressure of the nail can also produce hard skin and corns making it very uncomfortable to walk . 
Nail surgery is a procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. After the toe is numb a section or the whole nail is removed and a chemical applied to stop it re-growing. 
1 Nail partial or total removal - £180 
2 Nails partial or total removal - £280