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Aesthetic toe nail correction 

Modern cosmetic toe nail correction  
Today, nail diseases can be treated permanently and successfully with nail cosmetic treatments. This has become possible by the development of modern corrective materials. The modern foot care product WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is especially effective for the treatment of your individual problem. 
What does modern toe nail correction mean? 
WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is a means to restore the toe nail partially or completely thus providing an attractive cosmetic result. The 1-phase resin is a light-curing synthetic resin which is cured in a light unit. WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is an elastic gel which adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet. Thus the artificial nail feels completely natural, since it fits perfectly to the natural nail. Our WILDE-PEDIQUE plus specialist will determine the individual shade of the resin according to disease and problem. Thus discoloring of the nail can be covered or the nail bed color can be improved. 
Nail reconstruction (per nail ) £25.00 
Full set of pedique from £30.00 
You can see below two separate examples of nails before the treatment. 
The nail is modeled with WILDE-PEDIQUE plus and the shape determined. The material is cured in a special light unit for two minutes. The light is not dangerous and doesn’t cause any changes of the skin. 
Your nail is finished and has a look of a new nail. (Great for the spring summer season)We also offer several sealing alternatives, from a high gloss finish, or several colored sealants are available. 
If there are no problems (pressure points, lifting or special diseases) the synthetic material grows out with the natural nail. Theoretically WILDE-PEDIQUE plus grows out with the natural nail within 10 months. In order to ensure a permanent and attractive result, WILDE-PEDIQUE plus should be refilled. Our specialist will discuss when the time is right for a follow-up appointment. 
By using modern synthetic resins a permanent French look is possible without a long drying period. WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is then applied in two colors, rosé and white. The free nail end is white and the nail bed softly rose-colored. 
Preventive foot care is the best way to avoid foot problems. We will be happy to arrange an individual care program for your feet. 
Nail before treatment. 
Nail before treatment. 
The two examples after treatment 
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