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Holistic Therapy at the footworks  Our expert holistic therapist is Geraldine Litherland who is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) with insurance to practice Holistic Therapies through the FHT.   MASSAGE   Massage has many benefits to both body and mind, our expert therapists will tailor the pressure to you requirments and need. You can even add an arometherapy oil of your choice for and extra £2.00.   

Relaxing Back Neck and Shoulder Massage 
30 minutes £15.00p 
Full Body Massage 
60 Minutes only £25.00p (add aroma oils £2.00 extra) 
Indian Head Massage 
30 minutes £15.00 
Luxury Hot Stone Exfoliation 
This treatment is ideal for Pre Holiday preparation, using the cleansing properties of cypress & mint. The therapist concentrates on cleansing the body, gently exfoliating away dead skin cells. To finish the luxury treatment hot stones are used for a relaxing massage. 
Back arms and hands £35.00 (approx 60 minutes) 
Full body (excluding torso) £45.00 (approx 60 minutes) 
Get back to your 'Brilliant' best!  
Reiki is a non-invasive comlimentary therapy, said to use natural energy flow for health and well - being.  
Potential benefits include: 
Feelings of deep relaxation 
Improved mood and sense of self 
A general sense of health & well-being 
REIKI Session 30 relaxing minutes £15.00p 
Is a popular and relaxing treatment based on the principle that  
reflex pooint's on the soles, tops and sides of the feet correspond 
to areas throughout the body. 
In this way the feet can be seen as a map of the body. 
Reflexologists work on the reflex points using specialised 
massage techniques to assist in correcting imbalances throughout the body. 
Benifits of Reflexology include: 
Relief from stress and tension 
Felling of deep relaxation 
Improved mood 
Improved sleep 
A general sense ofhealth and well-being. 
30 Minutes £15.00p 
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